My Roots Tours – Exploring Your Ancestry

Allow us to plan your journey through your ancestry by visiting the destinations that are a result of your DNA test.

Take a DNA Test

First take a Ancestral DNA Test. You may do so via,, or any other company that does ancestral DNA. (We are not affiliated with any of these companies).

Get Your Results

Once you receive your results, take a look at the places your DNA is traced and decide where you want to visit. You can do this in a series of trips or one long trip.

Have the Experience of a Lifetime

Send us a message with your results or the places you are interested in visiting on your results and we will get started on helping you Trace Your Roots!

We Will Plan Your Roots Tour

You won’t have to worry about a thing. We will plan every aspect of your trip including flights, lodging, tours and transfers. Complete the form request and payment, then we will get started!

My Roots Tour
1+ persons

  • Trip Planning Services to Include
  • Flights
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Tours
  • Assistance from a resident Genealogist with over 15 years experience

Pay for This Service

*Note: Our resident genealogist will only assist with location and trip planning based on your DNA results. If you desire more in-depth help that will require additional fees which is at the discretion of the genealogists

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